A latent risk is lead paint. It typically doesn't present a problem if left alone. Lead paint, however, can have major health consequences if you ever intend to rebuild or even if it only begins to flake. Lead testing is available in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland thanks to Ace Environmental Services Ltd.

To make sure that you and your family are not at risk for lead poisoning, we test the paint in your home. If it does turn out that there is lead in your home's walls, it is essential to have it removed as soon as possible. Additionally, Ace Environmental Services Ltd provides lead removal so you can reclaim your peace of mind knowing that your family's health is no longer in jeopardy.


Lead poisoning is frequently contracted by lead paint and lead paint dust. The accumulation of lead in the body, typically over a lengthy period of time, results in lead poisoning. Young toddlers exposed to lead paint as well as adults who work in occupations like welding are frequently affected by lead poisoning. Lead poisoning symptoms include:

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